PRSSA: More than just an association


Photo Credit: CCIKentState Flickr via Compfight cc

It is often said that becoming a doctor or a lawyer is a calling, and probably that is why they are revered professions. If that is the case, then Public Relations is also a higher calling. In fact, Public Relations officers save organizations from making mistakes that may harm their success and objectives. Public relations is an interesting field that keeps one connected to many important stakeholders in the business world. Most of these stakeholders are members of the PRSA and were probably once members of the PRRSA. Therefore, what is the PRSSA?

The PRRSA (Public Relations Student Society of America) is a sub-branch of the Public Relations Society of America that is meant for college students who have dreams of becoming public relations professionals in the future. Joining the PRSSA has several benefits for any particular student.

Successful completion of college education requires that one attends an internship program. Well, being a member of the PRSSA opens a student to the possibility of getting an internship easily. One simply needs to upload his/her resume to the PRSA website and get considered for an internship program. The hectic search associated with looking for an internship disappears.

Occasionally, the PRSA organizes events where PR gurus from all over the country meet up and deliberate on some of the pertinent issues in Public Relations. For a PRSSA student, such events provide one with an opportunity to network with PR professionals. Networking may come in handy when one finishes college and requires a referral. A little professional advice from a PR guru is also significant for a student’s career development objective.

Finally, the PRSA offers members of the junior association – PRSSA – a chance to earn scholarships and awards. However, they are not just for everyone, but those who are excellent performers in school. That is just but an added incentive to study hard and who would not want to get a scholarship anyway? Well, folks, if you have not registered for the PRSSA, you might want to consider the benefits above.



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