Getting your PR campaign right


Photo Credit: US Department of State Flickr via Compfight cc

Public Relations professionals’ main concern is to develop excellent relations between the organization and its publics. In other words, it is all about getting the audiences to subscribe to the organization’s ideas, albeit in an honest. Yes, there are no two ways about it; honesty is key to earning credibility from all the stakeholders. Nevertheless, gaining approval of the publics is pretty difficult, especially when people have formed opinions. But, with an effective public relations campaign strategy, an organization may find itself on the right side of everyone’s ‘attitude-meter.’ Here are some five tips for developing an effective public relations campaign.

Know the organization’s current position

Understanding oneself is always important before making any move. In this situation, have a clear understanding of the PR climate of the organization. In other words, how to the external and internal environments of the organization influence its current public image. As usual, discuss with the management to find out more. Your plan should, therefore, be based on improving this current situation.

Establish clear goals and objectives

Having understood the organization’s situation, it is time to create goals that will be accomplished when the plan is implemented. As usual, the goals ought to be SMART – Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-Oriented. Lastly, do not develop many goals at a time; three to five would do.

Know your audiences

Have the knowledge of who you are trying to communicate to or reach with the intended campaign. Defining the audience is imperative in ensuring the right results are possible. Moreover, keep in mind what the senior officials want from the campaign.

Choose the best weapon mix

Just like a samurai warrior heading out for a battle knows where to place his swords and when to use them, a PR professional ought to understand the appropriate channels that may be effective in reaching his audiences. In a world filled with numerous channels, getting the right channel mix is critical. For example, one could decide to back television PR ads with a strong social media campaign. Ultimately, it all depends on the situation and type of audience. Each situation requires a unique approach.

Develop appropriate measuring and evaluation methods

Before implementing the campaign, understand how to measure the results and progress. Is it reaching the right audiences? Has it been welcomed well? If so, how do you know that it has changed the company’s earlier position? In short, all these questions have to be answered; hence, finding ways to arrive at those answers is significant.

As a bonus, always be committed to the PR campaign. A campaign cannot work by itself if hard work and commitment are not infused into it!

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